Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thoughts and Prayers With Kristen Johnston!

We want to give a quick shout to our dear friend here at Three Ice Cubes, "The Exes" star Kristen Johnston who is battling a rare autoimmune disease. The actress, 46 went to seventeen doctors over a course of 4 months and finally got resolution.
She took to Facebook to share what was going on with her fans: "It's time for me to be upfront with you about something that's been going on with me." She explains that she has had severe weakness and needed a "neck brace to hold my head up." Johnston added that in terms of her work: "Lying down I'm fine, which is great for writing or killing time on social media, but it's kind of disastrous when you're in a sitcom that requires tons of physical comedy." So, what has TVLand decided to do while she is on the road to recovery? Actress Leah Remini will be taking over for a "multi-episode arc" beginning next month. "You guys will laugh your asses off at her as Stuart's sister. I promise, you won't even miss me! (Well, maybe a teeny tiny bit?)" Trust us Kristen, no one could ever replace you. As for the network, Johnston credits them with being super kind and showing her who has your back in your time of need. We wish her nothing but a speedy recovery!

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