Saturday, January 11, 2014

American Horror Story: Coven Episode 10 By: Maxwell Kale

This episode of "American Horror Story: Asylum" starts off with Angela Bassett being visited by a black Rob Zombie lookalike that stole Slash’s famous hat. I assume he’s some kind of demon or other mythical being but I’m still not all that sure. Well anyhow he offers Angela immortality if she is willing to give him a baby every year. Perhaps they should of made this guy look more like Michael Jackson than Rob Zombie.
After that Fiona gives us a background of what the witch hunters are which really isn’t all that important to the plot. She then of course gives an epic bitch slap to her daughter for marrying one of these idiot witch hunters and screwing them all over. We learn the witch hunter movement is a billion dollar company. Then the best part of the show happens! Misty runs into the room and the great Stevie Nicks playing herself shows up! As a gay man I simply gasped. Apparently in this show the real Stevie Nicks is an actual witch and knows Fiona well. She even goes on to play a song and gives Misty one of her trusty shawls. Madison quickly becomes envious and asks Fiona is she can get Eminem to show up and Fiona responds with a snarky , “I know Marshall and you are not his type.” Burn! Next we find out Nan has developed the useful power of mind control! Perhaps now the characters can have somebody smart pulling the ropes for once other than these terrible writers. Madison goes on to challenge Misty to a race to see who the real supreme witch is. Now, we see Fiona gang up with her frenemy Angela Bassett to take down the witch hunter corporation mentioned before. They do this by placing a rat in a maze and then using a spell to get the government to bust the witch company and seize all their assets. Fiona then goes on to faint all dramatically. After that we see Nan go to the hospital to visit her hot neighbor only to find out he had died. She of course becomes terribly upset and decides Misty can bring him back. Fiona begs Angela Bassett for her secret of immortality and she reveals that it is due to her pact with the Rob Zombie lookalike. Fiona then conjures him up but it turns out she already has no soul to sell due to being a diva for several decades and she goes home empty. Madison then tries to trick Misty into thinking people are just using her and to throw away her Stevie Nicks shawl. Misty gives in and Madison quickly hits her on the head with a brick and has her put into a coffin and then a mausoleum. Nan and Zoe then stop by Luke’s mom’s house to see how this crazy bitch is doing. Nan then quickly realizes his mom killed him and because she cremated the body he can never be brought back. Nan then instantly uses her new found Jedi mind control tricks and forces the mom to drink bleach. It really is a sick an awesome scene. There is a small scene with Fiona’s daughter goes on to whine about being worthless and without powers. Sadly this isn’t her biggest problem as a character. She wasn’t even interesting with powers. Next we see Fiona cope with the idea of not having a soul by doing cocaine. Her ghost axe-murderer boyfriend then shows up and gives her the idea that she simply must kill all the girls because one of them is bound to be the next witch supreme. Fiona instantly loves this idea. Angela Bassett and Fiona decide to drown Nan to offer her soul to the Rob Zombie like guy to give it another shot. Talk about the good ole’ college try. Sadly Nan wasn’t really all that innocent and the Rob Zombie guy just laughs and takes her to the other side. The show ends rather beautifully with Stevie Nicks playing a song and Fiona sheds one dramatic tear on the couch. Overall this is my favorite episode of the series thus far!

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