Friday, January 24, 2014

Ashley Voted Out Of "The Real World" Home!

San Francisco is not the best place to be erratic...if you are a cast member on "The Real World," now in its 29th season on MTV. As you may remember, during the third season of the hit reality show, David "Puck" Rainey was voted out of the house by his roomies for his inappropriate behavior. Well, San Francisco lightening has struck again for this season's Ashley aka Hurricane Ashley. After threatening to leave numerous times and getting so drunk that she became a super biatch, the 23 year old finally left the home. No one heard from her for three days so they just assumed that she was not coming back. She then called and asked if she could return and the roomies took a vote. History repeated itself as she was voted out of the house. So, what's next for the show? The exes will move in!

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