Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Teen Mom 2" Season 5 Premiere Quick-Cap 1/21/14

The moms of "Teen Mom 2" are back and in case you missed the season 5 premiere, here's a quick-cap so you will be ready for next week!

  • Jenelle: she has been working on getting off heroin and ended up meeting a guy named Courtland. They got married after three months, he went to jail and then she found out she was pregnant. The media said she had a miscarriage but in reality, she took the abortion pill.
  • Chelsea: she has dropped out of cosmetology school and wants to work on aesthetics. Her and Adam do not see eye to eye, he has just been released from jail and is having another baby.
  • Leah: she has a new baby and her ex, Corey has married Miranda.
  • Kailyn: she and Javi are married and now she is pregnant and fighting Jo over moving to be with her husband. Oh and she has braces and brown hair!
And that sums up episode one! Come back soon!

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