Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ke$ha Changes Her Name Post-Rehab!

Say good-bye to Ke$ha and hello to Kesha! Anyone see the difference there? Yeah it's so slight but the singer has dropped her signature dollar sign from her name after leaving rehab for an eating disorder. She spent two months in the rehab facility before relocating to Los Angeles. A friend spoke to PEOPLE magazine about Kesha's status and had this to say...
"She's doing great. She looks and feels fantastic. I think she got what she went [to rehab] for. She's remembered how to love herself. That’s what she got in touch with while she was away. She's in a great place mentally and physically and is feeling really good about herself. She is excited for the next phase of her life and career." It is said that in LA, she will have a great support system around her; the singer is originally from Nashville. No word on her mother's rehab status as she joined her daughter shortly after. We think she looks great and we wish her the best of luck!

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