Saturday, March 1, 2014

Music That You Missed - The Slash & Fergie Explanation Edition

Many of you readers may remember the Super Bowl half-time show from 2011; specifically, when the Black Eyed Peas were terrible. It was unfortunate then, that Slash came out to play guitar while Fergie sang "Paradise City" and left everyone scratching their heads as to what the hell was going on. Why was she singing that? Why was he playing guitar with her?

The general consensus was that it was a terrible collaboration. Pardon me while I get semi-technical for a second. Fergie may have sounded awful to people listening at home, but that could be on the part of the person who produces the sound mix that gets broadcast to viewers. What they played live is not exactly what you hear on your television. Of course, it could have been awful live too, but most of us weren't there to know. Either way, there is a reason that Slash and Fergie seemed like a good idea to pair up: they have before and the results were amazing. Back in 2010, Slash released his first solo album with a slew of guest vocalists - including Fergie - and the results were spectacular. One of the standout tracks on the regular version of the LP was "Beautiful Dangerous."

Then there were a whole slew of "deluxe" editions of the album that featured one more pairing with Fergie, this time together with Cypress Hill, on my favorite take on the classic "Paradise City."

And that, dear readers, is why they were paired up at the Super Bowl in 2011. It may not have come across well live, but they sure as hell nailed it together in the studio.

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