Monday, April 7, 2014

"Hot In Cleveland" Highlights Season 5, Ep.1 4/2/14

"Hot in Cleveland" is back for its fifth season and after last weeks LIVE premiere, it was finally time to start the show! Here are some highlights from the official season five premiere...and it was amazing!

  1. Melanie is pregnant.
  2. Melanie tells Alec she is pregnant.
  3. By accident. At his surprise birthday party. Thrown by his new girlfriend.
  4. Elka has slept with Frank Sinatra.
  5. Emmett is alive.
  6. He sent a message to Victoria in a shoe.
  7. Men keep hitting on Joy because she's with Simon.
  8. Simon is not around right now.
  9. Melanie is not pregnant.
  10. She actually has a brain tumor. *Join us Wednesday when Melanie decides that she wants to try being Jewish!*

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