Monday, June 23, 2014

Starbucks Coffee Shocker!

We could say that it is a shocker but if you have been a Starbucks Coffee fan for a long enough time, you have seen the prices rise. Now, the chain is making another financial move by raising their prices again but will your favorite drink be affected? And if it is, is this their way of forcing customers to make healthier drink choices?
Here's what we have learned: if you are a tall-sized lover or frappuccino maven, your money will stay in your pocket. However, if you opt for the bigger sizes like Grande or Venti? You'll want to carry around an extra ten to fifteen cents and if you fancy lattes including mocha lattes, you'll want to bring fifteen to twenty cents more. And nothing will happen with the iced coffee prices, which is fantastic as summer has just begun. There is also talk that the pre-packaged coffee could go up around a dollar but it is said to be based on your location. So, what do you think of this change? As a former barista, I think that since the Frappuccinos are so time-consuming to make that they should be the only drink with a price increase. Then again, it is a kid-friendly beverage when made in the creme version so how can kids possibly afford the extra? Let us know how your feeling!

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