Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Diem Brown's Real Age Revealed!

Hearts were broken everywhere when MTV sweetheart Diem Brown passed away from cancer last week. Now, fans are shocked to learn two new facts about Brown: her real name and her real age. According to her death certificate, she is listed as Danielle Marie Brown. On top of that, despite everyone believing that she was born in 1982, it has now been confirmed that she was actually born in 1980. So, why the lie? Her sister came forward to explain that when Diem went through cancer in her early twenties, she felt that it has taken so much from her so she shaved off a few years. Furthermore, youth is extremely important in the public eye. I cannot hate on anyone who fought as hard as Diem did; I would have shaved more years off! You go girl, even up in heaven!

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