Friday, October 16, 2015

"Grey's Anatomy" Quick-Cap 10/15/15

"Grey's Anatomy" was amazing last night because it was all about finding love, losing love, keeping love, lies, betrayal and sex. Lots of sex. Here are a few top things that you must know:

  • Maggie is sleeping with sexy intern Andrew and though they said it would be a one-night stand, it clearly is going to be more than that.
  • Amelia learned that one of the new doctors that she is working with dealt with sickle-cell trauma as a child and that is why she has a hard time in certain situations. Jo did not believe the sickle-cell story but it seemed like Jo was getting a lot of shit last night.
  • Meredith was the one who had to educate the interns on how to tell visitors and family members that their loved ones had passed. She went through it when Derek died so she is the perfect teacher, not Owen who was so generic.
  • Maggie, Amelia and Meredith had a dinner party and everyone came, including Callie and Arizona.
  • Callie brought her new girlfriend.
  • The new girlfriend was the doctor who missed a beat and led to Derek's death. 
  • Meredith may kill her.
Come back next week to see what happens now that everyone is at the same dinner table. I predict Amelia pummeling the bitch. 

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