Thursday, October 1, 2015

Scandal Season 5 Quick-Cap: What Just Happened?

I don't even know what to say about tonight's episode of "Scandal" and what is going to happen next week. I will start off by saying that next week is going to be intense and if for some reason you missed tonight's episode of ABC's "Scandal," then you are going to want to keep reading this for all the juicy details!
Tonight, we saw a lot happen and here is a quick run down of all the major moments that cannot and should not be missed.

  • Jake and Huck showed up to the office to help Olivia and Quinn with a case. Quinn isn't too happy to see Huck, but she works with him to get the job done.
  • Jake goes with Olivia to work the case, which is outside of DC and they end up cuddling, only because she needed someone to hold her though. I wish they would get back together, but that isn't going to happen. Especially because of the other events that were unfolding while they were gone.
  • Fitz is forced to apologize to Mellie and invite her back into the White House in order to silence the rumors around his affair. Mainly because Abby convinced Fitz that this is the only way that Olivia will have it. She will never be okay with being in the spotlight, she will never be okay with being the "other girl," but this is all crap.

*I say this is all crap because we end the episode with Olivia being surrounded by reporters outside of her office. She is being hounded and when one of the reporters ask her if she is the President's mistress, she has a very simple answer. "Yes"

Next week we will see what kind of downfall will come out of this so make sure you come back to find out all the details!

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