Monday, October 26, 2015

The Best Of...RHOC Reunion, Part 2 10/26/15- Cheating and Beating

I love "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and have watched it loyally for years. For seasons nine and ten, my fanfare slowly dwindled but I still kept up with what was going on so I was super stoked for the season ten reunion. Part one was interesting but it was the highly anticipated part two that blew the roof off of the three parter! We continued the talk of Shannon being cheated on while the women attempted to beat it into Vicki's head that she needed to learn how to make better life choices. Here are the highlights in case you missed it!

  • Briana came clean about Brooks hitting on her while she was pregnant and claiming that his penis was so big that it was nicknamed "Girth Brooks." Gag.
  • Shannon is still with David but he really should wherever Vicki's ex Donn has relocated.
  • Donn was able to pretty much retire with the money he got from Vicki.
  • He deserved every penny and more.
  • Vicki misspoke when it came to claims about Meghan and Jim's marriage.
  • Both she and Brooks are a match made in heaven but...
  • Brooks dumped Vicki when things were not working out right.
  • Heather is the voice of reason.
  • Heather also has some frozen embryos that Andy may try to get his hands on.
  • Briana makes six figures as a nurse.
  • Vicki's mom was terrified that Brooks was going to drain her dry and she told that to Briana the night before she passed away.
  • Briana is pronounced Bree-ann-uh.
Come back next week for all the excitement that part three has to throw at us!

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