Monday, November 16, 2015

The Walking Dead Quick-Cap 11/15/15

"The Walking Dead" finally brought back Daryl, Abraham and Sasha and it was pretty eventful. Abraham learned that he had to calm himself and take a step back when it came to killing walkers, something that Sasha worked very hard to teach him. At the same time, Daryl was hijacked by three random strangers, we have no idea how they got there or who they are with but they were odd. There was a man and two women and the guy claimed that he had killed dozens of walkers along the way.

Daryl tried to get in touch with Rick but the general consensus is that ick has everything covered in Alexandria, even though he's busy getting busy with Jessie. Daryl lost his motorcycle to the three, one of them actually was eaten by a walker but he found a fuel truck and went to rescue Abraham and Sasha and they headed back to Alexandria. As for what is next? One can only wonder...Still no word on Glenn's safety but they are priming us for one of the biggest TWD villains ever to show up on the season six finale! Get ready!

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