Monday, November 23, 2015

The Walking Dead Quick- Cap 11/22/15

Did you miss one moment of last nights episode of "The Walking Dead" because if you did, you missed a lot! Here are the highlights to keep you in the know!

  • Glenn is alive.
  • Enid helped him survive.
  • Spencer almost fell into a pile of walkers but everyone in Alexandria saved him.
  • Carol knows that Morgan is hiding someone in his cell.
  • Maggie now knows that Glenn is alive and can finally share the news that she is pregnant with him.
So basically...GLENN IS ALIVE! He did crawl under the dumpster as Nicholas was being eaten and then he was able to escape and Enid gave him water to survive. They can now go back home to combat the walkers! You're welcome!

*Only one more episode left of 2015 and we are nearing the halfway point of season six! That means that someone new is coming...

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