Sunday, November 8, 2015

"The Walking Dead" Quick-Cap 11/8/15

"The Walking Dead" tried to give us answers about Glenn this evening but nothing is written in stone; just painted in it. Here are the highlights, in case you missed the show this evening and trust me, you won't want to miss a moment.
What you need to know!
  • Maggie did not go along with Glenn because...she's pregnant.
  • Rick and Jessie shared a kiss.
  • Deanna is on some sort of mission that has made her look like a walker.
  • Nicholas' name was painted on the wall of the dead.
  • Glenn's name followed.
  • Maggie did what she could to erase his name because she does not believe that he is dead.
  • It is alluded that Glenn and Maggie's baby could be how we see Glenn live on.
  • The people in Alexandria are screwed.
And there you have it. Next week, Daryl returns but will he be safe? Find out as we are almost halfway through the season!

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