Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mandi Reacts to Sheldon and Amy's First Time on "The Big Bang Theory"

The moment Sheldon and Amy fans have been waiting for: the couple finally had sex...or coitus if you are Sheldon. On "The Big Bang Theory," it seemed that everyone had been sexually active, two of the couples are even married but Sheldon had yet to give himself to Amy. When he went to talk to Penny and Bernadette about what he should get his beloved for her birthday, he went through two lame options before bringing up coitus. 

That caused Penny to break her wine glass, literally shattered it. The girls spoiled the present for Amy because she wanted them to take her for Mexican food while Penny insisted she get a bikini wax. When it was shared that Sheldon was going to have sex with Amy, she was all ready to get waxed. The other guys, including Wil Wheaton, went to the premiere of the new "Star Wars" movie. So, how did the coitus go?

It looked like Sheldon rocked Amy's world and they agreed to have sex every year on her birthday. As a fan, I would have liked the episode to be an hour long and have seen more of their first time, complete with awkward silences and such. I can imagine Amy being wild and crazy while Sheldon may have a sexy time side. That is what was missing but other than that, it was super cute and fun and I hope that they have sex more than once a year. 

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