Monday, February 8, 2016

More From "Tour Group" Stand-Out Heather Marianna

Heather Marianna Eats Up Beauty In the Kitchen of Life

For three and a half years, Heather Marianna has spent her time building up her own personal empire, Beauty Kitchen. Her concepts are simple household items that double as beautification products. Now, over three million people have become die-hard fans which helped as Marianna launched her own line, defined as a “luxurious at-home spa experience” that offers everything from bath bombs to monthly beauty boxes to champagne-scented bath soaks (Valentine’s anyone?)

Celebrities have come to depend on Marianna’s trademark spa-sentials and are even used in swag bags. So, why would she uproot her career and her life to join the upcoming BRAVO reality show “Tour Group,” set to premiere March 1st? “As soon as I found out we would have the opportunity to travel the world for 6 weeks, I was ready to pack my bags!” Marianna tells us exclusively. She will not be alone on this new venture as she joins eleven others who will not only get to experience a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, traveling the world and all it has to offer but there will be more. They are referred to as “soul searching strangers” which means that this is a life lesson masked as a vacation masked as a reality show.
Though she was thrilled to get to have this opportunity, Marianna knew leaving her passion of Beauty Kitchen would be hard: “The hardest part was being away from Beauty Kitchen for so long.” So then why go? She goes on to add that “I knew if I could gather some beauty secrets from each country we visited, it would be so worthwhile!” As for what is up next for Heather Marianna, now that she is home from this insanely awesome adventure? She is infusing all that she took from her time on “Tour Group” to make new recipes, if you will, for Beauty Kitchen which I am sure we will be seeing on in the near future.

But what is really exciting for Heather is the fact that she is now officially in the Bravo family. You can catch the latest Bravo-lebrity tonight, Monday February 8, 2016 at 1030p.m. when Bravo will be showing a half-hour sneak peek of “Tour Group.” Do not forget to tune in Tuesday March 1st at 10p.m./EST when the show officially premieres and head on over to @HeatherMarianna on Twitter so you can take a bite out of her Beauty Kitchen. You won’t regret it!

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