Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Staying #Blessed By Charles Scott

We did a post last week praising our friends Billy Charles and Scott Greenwood on their new jewelry line #blessedbyCharlesScott. Since then, their business has blown up to epic proportions. Heather Marianna, star of "Tour Group," proudly displayed her bracelets from the collection and today, Brandi Glanville showed off her wine inspired bracelets. As you may or may not know, she has a wine called "Unfiltered Blonde," which everyone should try. It is amazing how these two long-term partners have evolved their passion into a worldwide blessing.

We were honored to receive the #blessed take on Mardi Gras and now, we are so stoked that the next one has arrived: pink with an angel wing to keep away negative energy. Wearing these jewels should make you feel so lucky that you are blessed just to be a part of the #blessed family. Dusted with sage and now in personalized boxes, it is just inspiring to see how far these guys have come. Proof that anything is possible and do not forget to visit them on Facebook and at their etsy shop! And never worry about any issues with the products because Charles Scott is committed to excellence and that is what they will continue to deliver! Love you guys!

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