Saturday, March 12, 2016

Can Caitlyn Jenner Make It As A Woman?

When Bruce Jenner transitioned to Caitlyn Marie, he/she seemed to forget that there was a lot more to being a woman than perfecting make-up and clothing. That was what she addressed at first, that she was learning how to apply make-up properly and find the right dress and shoes for outings and that was something that other celebs called her out on. When she was named one of Glamour Magazine's 25 Women of 2015, there was a bit of an outrage, including scrutiny from actress Rose McGowan, who wanted Jenner to know that there is more to being a woman that dressing the part. This is now something that the former Olympian is learning as she travels cross country with a group of friends on season 2 of "I Am Cait." 

The docu-series shows Caitlyn attempting to understand what it means to be trans and seems to want to help those around her who are suffering as well. However, she has made it very clear that just because she is legally a woman, that does not change her thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to politics. The conservative Republican, 66, is butting heads with Dr. Jenny Boylan as well as close friend and rumored love Candis Cayne. Why?

Because it appears that Jenner will not open her eyes to a more liberal way of being. She watches the debates and is still in full support of Republicans who want to take away same-sex rights and have no care for the trans community. That is not saying all Republicans are like that so let's make that clear but when she insults fellow female Hillary Clinton, my stomach turns. Boylan admits that she had wanted to quit the E! series but stayed as she viewed it as a "Survivor" situation. 

Can these women who are not as privileged or as visible as Caitlyn help to open her eyes or is she just a lost cause? Let us know! 

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