Monday, May 16, 2016

How Did Season 5 of "2 Broke Girls" End??

If you are an avid "2 Broke Girls" fan like I am, you may have been super sad to say good-bye to season five. Fortunately, we know that there will be a season six so all is right with the world. ICYMI: this is how CBS ended the hit Thursday night show and trust me, it had all the feels.

  • Han owed 30K to a bookie because he has a gambling problem.
  • Han is addicted to gambling on women's tennis. 
  • If he does not pay up, he will lose a toe and maybe other body parts so...
  • Max and Caroline (mainly Caroline) swoop in and save the day by buying the diner so Han can pay off his debt.
  • After he gave an unqualified Caroline a waitress job and free rent in the back of the shop for their cupcake window, she owed him after she sold the rights to her life for 250K. 
  • Max's Cali love, Randy's time was up in NYC and wanted a plan.
  • Max was able to buy the diner without thought but could not take a moment to make a plan with Randy.
  • He left town early and gave her a plane ticket to come visit whenever she wanted.
  • I was really pissed that he left because Max finally had success and it seemed that Randy could not stay just one more month to figure it all out.
  • Randy is an idiot. He has made his living and it would not have killed him to stay in NYC with Max while she finally started to really live.
  • I hate Randy...but happy Han has his toes.
  • Sophie and Oleg are having pregnant sex like wild animals. 
That's a quick wrap-up, in case you missed it. The show will return for season 6 in the Fall and I cannot wait. Catch up on missed episodes on or buy the DVDs!

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