Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mandi's Thoughts On...The RHOBH Reunion!

What a reunion! "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" really brought their A-game and all the entertainment for this season's three-part reunion, which concluded Tuesday night. There was so much that happened that I can only pick my favorite moments and to be honest, I was entertained the entire time! All three parts! *The housewives are Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Erika Jayne, Yolanda Hadid (Foster), Kathryn Edwards.*

  1. When Andy Cohen finally called Lisa Vanderpump out on her shit! That was epic because he usually will not go face-to-face with his prized stars but this time, he did. Good job!
  2. Erika Jayne staying true to herself and not seeming fazed by anyone or anything that any of the ladies had to say.
  3. "Cunty" becoming the word of the season...and Kathryn still freaking out over it.
  4. Brandi Glanville toasting to the harsh critics. Awesome.
  5. Kim Richards looking better than she has in years.
  6. Lisa Rinna saying that she was Vanderpump's puppet. Broken records seemed to be the theme. 
  7. Yolanda holding her own around women who chose to doubt her and her children's battle with Lyme Disease...and looking great while doing it. 
  8. Rinna announcing that she was getting up and taking a breather in the back but not quite being able to take herself out of the spotlight. 
So many gems, so little time. If they just did reunions, life would be beautiful but sadly, to get to the reunions, we need a storyline. And it seems that Vanderpump just had a puss on the entire time because she was bitter that maybe she had been found out. When in doubt, pat the puss. Erika Jayne was a great addition to the series and the consensus on Twitter seemed to be that the fans were way over Rinna and would be happy if she did not return. There is also a rumor that Kathryn Edwards has been fired but only time will tell. 

*Bravo time is not over as we will have an interview with "Tour Group" star Heather Marianna before the series returns on May 10th!*

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