Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reconnecting With Romi!

For those of you who have been on social media and were big "The Real L Word" fans, as I was, you pretty much know, via photos and quick captions, what the most popular stars of the show are up to today. Whitney and Sada are still married, Rose co-hosts a radio show, Jill and Nikki are parents, Lauren and Kiyomi have split but what about Romi? The former make-up artist left fans of the show that ran three seasons on Showtime baffled at the end of the series when she married a man. After a bevy of passionate relationships with women, some fans felt as though she had betrayed the series and what it was all about: women in lesbian relationships but in fact, she was only being honest to herself. 

Romi Klinger, now Romi Imbelli, really just seemed to love, regardless of gender and that was clear throughout the series. She has always been very into family, her father passed when she was in her twenties and she has special needs brothers after her father was sprayed with Agent Orange. Romi's stand-out brother has to be Andy, who infamously called his big sister a "goofball" and that is still brought up in the comments section of her Instagram. What fans seemed to love most about Romi was her willingness to give her heart and soul to everything that she did, whether in a relationship or at work or to her family. There was no doubt that she loves with everything she has. So, where is she now in 2016, four years after the series ended? We caught up with the Casa Por Vida founder to get all the details.

First off, Romi Imbelli is going to be a mom, as we shared when she revealed the big news. Yes, she is just weeks away from welcoming her first child, a girl to be named Francesca Marie, into the world. The father is not someone that we have seen on TRLW series but rather a chef that Romi met when she was working in the industry. She was working for Chef Works while Charles Imbelli was cheffing it up at the Ace Hotel Downtown. The duo went on to work together for a year at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs and now, they are expecting a totally new creation. Romi is planning on putting her focus towards being a good mom and wife while Charles is the Executive Chef for Catering at Fundamental LA. 

Romi has wanted to be a mom for a long time, as she told me and it just so happened to be the right man and the right situation. Charles is not only her personal chef and baby daddy, he is now her husband! The two wed in a super bohemian yet adorable wedding just a short time ago and fortunately for the new bride, her pregnancy cravings have not gotten out of hand. "At the beginning anything fast food and cheese. Now it's pretty normal. I just eat what I want. It's nice," Imbelli shares. We all know that Romi had a killer body, which was adorned with tattoos so did anything happen to her body art in the pregnancy process? Luckily, no as she was worried about the feather on her tummy but she says that everything has stayed in tact so that gives all us tattooed future mamas a lot of hope.

I had to ask: had any of Romi's former co-stars reached out to her since she became pregnant? We saw Sada get really upset when she was prepping to marry Whitney but then found out that Romi was marrying a man on the series finale but it looks like all the negative energy has been put into the past. Whitney and Sada have sent their love and the latter even sent over a photo of a pregnant Demi Moore since everyone always told Romi they looked alike. (Side note: I think Romi is way prettier but that is just me.) Rose is also extremely excited about the baby as she and Romi have stayed very close since they appeared on the series together. Though Rose was only featured prominently on the first season, she popped up every now and then at meals and events with Romi and co. and they have already labeled her Tia Rose! I love it.

Romi's family is also over the moon about baby Frankie as this is the first grandchild for both sides. Andy is just as thrilled to be an uncle; he is going through some things with his health and this could not have come at a more perfect time. Romi also added that "it's good for Frankie to be around him and not be afraid of anyone with disabilities." I could not agree more as I was raised around a boy with Down Syndrome and it just made my compassion grow. So, she is still close with her family, some of her cast mates but what has changed about Romi, other than her last name?

No longer wanting to talk about TRLW or things of the past, Romi is more content just staying home and prepping for baby over going out and partying. It is as if she had truly found her zen and is appreciating even the simplest things in life. She even noted that she would like to live on a farm with her family and animals; so not the one-feathered earring wearing quirky party girl we met nearly six years ago! But, she still wants to keep up with her designs when it comes to Casa Por Vida she just wants to wait a little longer because "time is precious." She would not do reality tv again unless "it was for a good cause or standing up for something I believed in" and she is a huge advocate of getting people to vote! What is not to love about Romi?

Finally, I had to ask if she had any advice for expectant moms. This is what Mrs. Imbelli has to say: "Enjoy it. It goes by fast. Rest and allow yourself to eat and grow and feel pain. It's a crazy journey and the best thing I have ever done." We are beyond thrilled for Romi and she is true proof that you can live it up in your twenties, fall, pick yourself back up, and come back even better than ever. More so, you can find your center and it seems that she has done just that. We will be back with baby photos of Frankie Marie upon her arrival. Thank you again, Romi for your time and so many congratulations go out to you, Charles, and your blossoming family. We also send tons of love to Andy, as well! 

*Check out Romi's hair! It is the longest it has been in forever and she claims that she rarely ever does much to it or wears much make-up. "The Real L Word" can be seen on Hulu.*

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