Monday, August 22, 2016

Catch Up With #RHOC Quick-Cap!

Kelly Dodd and hubby courtesy of Bravo
A new episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs tonight at 9p.m. on Bravo and ICYMI, here's what we have learned from season 11, thus far. 

Are you ready? Let's take it back...

  • No one likes the new girl, Kelly Dodd. 
  • Especially Shannon Beador.
  • Shannon Beador still likes to refer to her cast mates by their full names.
  • Kelly is a friend of Meghan's but is now besties with Vicki.
  • Vicki is still in love with Brooks. 
  • A lot of the cast is having trouble forgiving Vicki because of the whole faux Brooks cancer situation.
  • Briana and her sons, Troy and Owen, have moved into Vicki's home now that Brooks is gone.
  • Briana's husband is still in Oklahoma per his military orders.
  • Briana has been rushed to the hospital pretty much the whole season.
  • Vicki just keeps working even though she brought Briana back to the OC so that she could have companionship. 
  • Briana is the one who needs companionship more than Vicki as she is suffering.
  • Tamra has found God so she is able to forgive Vicki.
  • No one knows why Tamra is so forgiving. 
  • Tamra is a shit stirrer and a bitch.
  • Meghan is undergoing IVF to have a baby (we know that she is pregnant now with a baby girl.)
  • Meghan's hubby, Jim could care less that she is going through the pain of IVF so her mom has taken over as the "husband."
  • David and Shannon seem to be fairly happy together...for now. 
  • David and Vicki are at odds.
  • Kelly Dodd is at odds with the Beador's as well because their friend called her out for the crap person she is.
  • Kelly exploded at a dinner for Meghan and Tamra.
  • She called Shannon the C-word.
  • Heather Dubrow was shocked by this behavior of adults and had to leave because Kelly wouldn't.
  • People want to know how Heather can think that she is the boss.
  • Without Heather being friends with Jim Edmonds, there would be no Meghan King Edmonds who was friends with Kelly Dodd and without Meghan, there would be no Kelly thus Heather is the boss.
  • No one wants to "whoop it up" with Vicki or Kelly so give it up!
And there you have it. Any questions, please feel free to tweet me @3icecubes and I will see you tonight for live tweeting!! #FireKelly

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