Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm Obsessing Over...

I am so obsessing over Beauty Kitchen's Skin Polish in Tropical Smoothie. I just ran out and as I have bragged, I use it when I shave my legs for a super close shave and I am literally having withdrawals. The Body Shop makes great exfoliants like Coconut and Grapefruit and they make my skin so soft and silky but Heather Marianna has a monopoly on the shaving market when it comes to her skin polish, especially Tropical Smoothie. I adore the scent, I adore the texture, I adore it all and as I savor what's left of summer up North, I am going to enjoy shaving with my newly ordered Skin Polish. 

And what is even better is you can use my code Mandi9383 to get $5 off your purchase. So, my fave product goes from $22.50 to $17.50 and to me, that is money well spent. Now get off this site (but come back soon) and go to and place some orders. Summer is almost over people!!! Keep that body smooth and luscious! Mandi9383!

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