Thursday, August 25, 2016

RHONY Season 8 Finale Quick-Cap!

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Did you miss the season eight finale of "The Real Housewives of New York City" and cannot stop kicking yourself? Never fear. We are here to catch you up before the epic reunion that looks like it might be better than the whole season which was phenomenally awesome!

Bethenny really does think she knows everything and has an opinion about everyone and it is kind of sad that she just won't let people be but without her, we would not have the scandal that rocked NYC!

  • Bethenny showed LuAnn the photos of Tom kissing another girl at the Regency.
  • LuAnn kept saying she was going to throw up.
  • She never did. 
  • Tom claims that he was so drunk that he does not even remember making out with this person.
  • Bethenny has the exact times that it happened and the waiters and bartenders who were working and probably the people staying at the hotel as witnesses. 
  • LuAnn is an idiot because she inevitably forgave him for making a mistake. It was just a kiss! A kiss that lasted for almost an hour and looked like Tom was eating the chick's face.
  • Bethenny had a fiesta with a piñata filled with jewels.
  • The women were talking about the piñata. 
  • LuAnn assumed that they were talking about her and threatened to leave.
  • She is as vacant as a piñata.
  • Sonja is still seeing Rocco.
  • He is well endowed. Thanks for the visual.
  • Tom and LuAnn are made for each other as they tried to use Dorinda as tribute to help them concoct a story about what happened the night he cheated on LuAnn.
  • Dorinda said no! Village idiot what?
  • Jules confronted Bethenny about her talking about her eating disorder.
  • I think that people are just tired of Jules pretending she and Michael are in love when the ending credits said that they were divorcing.
  • The reunion is not to be missed.
I hope that caught you guys up. And yes, LuAnn is mad at Bethenny for getting involved but you know what, Tom will continue to cheat and LuAnn will defend him forever because she is looking for something that is not there. Don't forget part one of the reunion next Wednesday, August 31st at 9p.m. I will be in class but will make sure to DVR it and catch up with all my Twitter people. You guys make the show even better!! Xoxo

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