Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Shaving Troubles Are Over Thanks to Heather Marianna!

If you are an avid shaver, as I am, and have thick Russian hair or even dark hair, you know that it can be a daunting task. I have tattoos on both arms so I feel the need to shave them every day (or every other) to accentuate the art while feeling silky smooth. It is not that easy and finding the right razor is a big enough challenge but then there is the whole "what cream do I use to shave with?" 

I have tried every shaving cream known to man and woman and finally settled on soap. Then, Heather Marianna (Bravo's "Tour Group" and YouTube sensation) sent me some amazing samples from her uber successful Beauty Kitchen line, one of them being Skin Polish. One evening, we were texting about her line of eye gels and Marianna casually mentioned that I should try the polish prior to shaving. It would give a closer shave and make everything smoother, which I loved but was still a skeptic. 20+ years of shaving- it is all trial and error.

The following day, I took to the shower with my bag of skin polish, Tropical Smoothie to be exact, prepared to end up with my usual cuts and ingrown hairs. I was shocked with my results. My legs were so smooth that I could not stop touching them. Furthermore, the smell reminded me of Summer, which is my favorite season. I waited a few hours and felt my legs again; still smooth as silk. I made my mom feel my legs; amazed. Made my boyfriend feel my legs; in love. This is the product I have been looking for FOREVER and it makes me not hate shaving at all.
Heather "Genius" Marianna

You just take a little dollop and rub it onto your skin, a little rough but you can feel it is exfoliating and then it becomes almost like a gel/lotion and that is when I applied my soap (or your shaving cream) and MAGIC! I am so happy that Heather took the time to give me this tip because it is the secret to a sexy and smooth and delicious shave. And, it can be used on your private area because of the natural ingredients if you are not into waxing. I recommend this for anyone, man or woman, when it comes to shaving. 

Men, prep your arms or chest or even legs prior to shaving with a bevy of scents that will make you feel not only clean but smooth as silk. And women- treat yourself to this product that I am giving 4 gnomes (the highest in my world). It is #threeicecubesapproved so head on over to and use code Mandi9383 for a discount on whatever you purchase. You need this in your life. So go. Stop reading and go. Now. You will thank me later. 

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