Monday, October 24, 2016

SPOILER ALERT: Who Died on the Season 7 Premiere of "The Walking Dead" Thanks to Negan?

Did Morgan live to see another day?
We have given you almost a full day to catch up with the season 7 premiere of "The Walking Dead" and this premiere was much anticipated. October 23rd has been on every fan calendar as we were left hanging when Negan and crew came ready to take over Rick's posse. The last thing we saw in the season 6 finale was Negan beating the crap out of one of the characters with his bat, Lucille, yet we had to wait months to find out who was the reciprocator of Lucille's wrath. Here is what happened, ICYMI:

Rick is still alive and he is being used as tribute with Negan. He thinks he can talk back and say that he will kill his nemesis but it is easier said than done. Even Daryl took a swing at Negan, no pun intended, and almost got killed by Dwight with a crossbow. But alas, after many tweets about just letting us know, we saw Abraham as the one who got his head bashed in. He was able to mutter "Suck My Nuts" before he officially became a pile of goo. Many were not shocked by the Abraham death but soon, we saw he was not the only one to go.

I felt Maggie would be next, even though Negan does not kill women in the comic books. But remember, Daryl was not even in the comics so enough of that. Glenn was killed in the comics so I just assumed it would be too easy; guess not. Soon enough, Glenn's head was the next to get bashed in and he told Maggie he would find her. It was by far the most disgusting deaths we have seen on this show and maybe it is because we have come to love these characters, especially Glenn.

I had to turn the show off once Glenn was killed and left as a pile of blood and guts. I was able to watch as Negan pulled Rick into his RV and then took his sledgehammer and made him fen for himself against the walkers but not long enough to see the walkers come and eat the flesh of our favorite characters. As to what will happen next, I cannot tell you as Negan is such a firecracker that he could spark at any time. But I do believe that if the writers are smart, they will keep Daryl around as he is a force to be reckoned with and damn sexy while Rick just always appears to give soap opera dramatic stares. 

What did you think of the premiere and were you shocked, satisfied, or mortified? Let us know in  the comments or tweet me @3icecubes!

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