Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"The Walking Dead" Cast Had A Major Secret!

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As many of you saw on Sunday night's season 7 premiere of "The Walking Dead," both Abraham and Glenn were victims of Lucille's wrath. Lucille is Negan's bat, in case you are new to the show and it has been months since the season 6 finale that had fans guessing who was at the other end of Lucille in the final scene. When asked, the cast and crew claimed that they shot multiple endings so no one really knew what was going on and what would end up happening, just to keep fans guessing. There were many Walker Stalker conventions throughout the summer, where both Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steve Yeun) appeared together.

As it turns out, everyone has known who would die, they just pretended that they didn't in order to help fans. Cudlitz has actually been keeping the secret for nearly a year and a half and had only told his family. He did as much as he could to keep a certain presence so no one would realize that he was the one who was killed off. And he is not stopping. Knowing that fans are grieving the death of Abraham, Cudlitz has vowed to keep his signature chops and mustache as he continues to appear at events as a way of fans getting to say good-bye. He feels that it is only right and I could not agree more. And to add to that, Abraham's last words of "suck my nuts" were all improv. He chose what he would say as he died then gave the peace sign to Sasha as a symbol of their love. He will be missed but really, did we actually think that the actors didn't know who was going to die? Really? 

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