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Donald Trump is Elected 45th President of the United States...

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It has taken a few days but I believe that it is time for this post, though the reality still has yet to set in. Donald Trump, former host of "The Apprentice" and "The Celebrity Apprentice," has been elected the 45th President as of early Wednesday morning. At about 3am, November 9th, Trump along with his family, took the stage to confirm that Hillary Clinton had called to concede in the race for the White House. Trump, a Republican, is taking over for Democrat Barack Obama, who served two terms, with Joe Biden by his side. 

He campaigned for Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State but sadly, it was not enough. Having been a Hillary supporter since she first ran against Obama, I am saddened. I want to make this extremely clear: I am NOT against Republicans. Reread that and let that sink in. In fact, I do not think many Democrats or other affiliations are against Republicans but rather this particular candidate. 

He, along with Mike Pence, seemingly want to revoke women's rights, LGBTQ rights, certain health care; in a nutshell, erasing all the hard work we have put in throughout all of these years to promote progress. With a Republican congress, it may be a lot easier to pass agendas as opposed to Obama, who dealt with the opposing side always acting against him. Can Trump, 70 get things done and "Make America Great Again" or is he full of hot air? I never thought America was not great so to me, that slogan is outright offensive. 

The only thing that I can say and have said about the new President-elect is that he is living proof that if you have a dream, no matter how far-fetched it seems, you can achieve it. You can have absolutely no experience and still get the job which makes a lot of educated people wonder why they are still considered inexperienced when they apply for jobs that they went to school for. It seems that many forgave Trump for all of his inappropriate comments about women, special needs people, foreigners, and the president and elected him anyway. I can only hope that if dissatisfied Americans want to protest, they will do it peacefully as opposed to the way it is turning. 

Violence is not the answer and that makes us no better than the ignorant words often coming out of Trump's mouth. Do I have to like him? No. Do I have to respect him? Debatable. But do I have to hurt others to get my voice heard? No. So think about the high road because when they "go low, we go high!"

*Bright side: we get more Alec Baldwin on SNL!


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