Sunday, May 21, 2017

For All You Do; The Mother In You~Love, Titus Francoeur

To be a mother...
It is not easy nor without strife
Not for the faint of heart nor the weak of skin
It is not a job you can just quit when times get too tough
No matter how much you want to
You cannot just run away
Even of you think you might be better off
Often, we are handed a book of life
Filled with the most undesirable of chapters
And as kids, we may not offer the relief that is deserved
We can be selfish, complicated, spoiled, angry, disobedient, harsh, and downright evil
But through it all, you have selflessly loved me
You took on this life, head first; bold and strong
You never let us see you weak, even if your soul was filled with tears
You let us breathe easy because you forgave us, even when our actions could prove unforgivable
You are and were the only one who can look into my eyes and know how I am feeling without me even having to say a word
For that, I share my love and indebted gratitude with you
Today, yesterday, and every day. 
Thank you for loving me in only a way you could

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