Friday, June 23, 2017

ICYMI- "The Real Housewives of New York City"

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This season of RHONY has evoked many emotions and feelings from fans, mainly screaming at the television and Ramona-style eye-rolling. It has been insane and quite Bethenny Frankel-y, I cannot even believe the train wreck that I watch every week, but yet here I am. Well, Wednesday night, there I was, thank you Andy Cohen. So, here are just some of my thoughts on this season of New York City and I will be honest, I am not hating it.

  • Tom and LuAnn got married. Yes, the sham wedding of the year happened and I cannot figure out what it is about Lu that makes my stomach turn so much. Maybe it is her masculinity, her denial to believe that Tom is not a gentleman, the way she talks, the same hairstyle since the show began...I do not know but she gives women a horrible name by defending this serial cheater over and over again. Uggghhh, they make me want to vomit. 
  • Dorinda gave the best drunk then sober wedding speech ever. Once again, she hosted her birthday/holiday sleep over in the Berkshires and it was a mess, mainly because of Ramona. Along with Ramona being a straight up crazy lady, she ripped her room apart and would not shut the hell up. Typical. *Dorinda was the only one invited to the sham wedding*
  • Ramona thinks she is a cool mom but if she was my mom, I'd ask if I was adopted.
  • Sonja is dating a young man named Frenchie and has taken in friend, Tinsley but she treats her so poorly, I am surprised Tinsley has not trashed the house like Ramona did to Dorinda's home. Any time Tinsley meets a man, Sonja jumps in for the kill and won't let her have any fun, hence how she met Frenchie who now lives with them. Sonja is also still dating Rocco but this season, I am back to not liking her at all. 
  • Tinsley is awesome, end of story.
  • Carole is still with Adam but they cannot live together so she made him get his own place. I think he will end up with Tinsley.
  • Bethenny is into buying and flipping places in NYC now. She still is at odds with Ramona and they got into a huge Berkshires fight. 
That is pretty much all that has been missed. Not too much has gone on other than some more cheating allegations from the girls about Tom but Lu did not care and Jill Zarin returned but she is a trouble maker. Dorinda is still with John but honors her late husband, Richard and takes care of twenty-something daughter, Hannah. You can catch the NYC drama every Wednesday night at 9p.m. on Bravo. 

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