Friday, June 23, 2017

"Pretty Little Liars" ICYMI- One. More. Episode.

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Holy hell, I cannot believe that we are getting ready for the series finale of "Pretty Little Liars" but on Tuesday, June 27th, fans will say good-bye to the five friends forever. After seven years of deceit, blood, games, lies, love, and many hair changes, the hit Freeform show will take its final bow in a two-hour series send off followed by an hour long wrap party with the cast. I really think that this is going to be super traumatic for me as a long time fan however, after this past episode, I will be so happy just to have answers (hopefully) and never have to end the show wondering what the fu*k just happened. In case you missed what has been kind of going on, here is your quick-cap to prepare you for the epic finale and trust me, it will be epic. 

  • Mona killed Charlotte but it was all an accident.
  • Charlotte was prepared to go back to torturing the girls after her release and the time hop but Mona would not let that happen. In self-defense, Mona shoved Charlotte...the end.
  • Rollins dead body was found by Aria in her trunk. 
  • Two final puzzle pieces led Aria, Hanna, Ali, Emily, and Spencer to the grave of Charles at Ali's aunt Carol's home. 
  • the police showed up, along with Lt. Tanner (does she have a life?).
  • Mary Drake, whom had turned the deed to the Lost Woods over to Spencer and Ali, confessed to killing Rollins/Archer. Though it was really Hanna, Mar did kill her own sister so that was enough to put her behind bars and the girls went free.
  • Mona has reverted back to her high school persona and they are awaiting a counselor to come and get her.
  • The game is officially over.
  • But someone has stolen the dolls from the game and has them on their passenger seat and is now driving away. That person is AD and they shall be revealed on Tuesday.
So, who is AD? No one knows anymore. It's not Mona. I thought it might be Maya. Maybe it is Spoby aka Spencer and Toby but who knows? Who really knows. In any case, I will be live tweeting during the finale, which starts at 8p.m. @3icecubes. I will also post who AD is as soon as we learn but keep in mind, there may be several people we think it is throughout the entire episode and our luck, we won't know until the last few seconds. Who is ready? They have kept the secret long enough! 

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