Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Three Ice Cubes Talks The State of The World!

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We try not to be too political here at Three Ice Cubes, unless it is something super important and extremely necessary. This is supposed to be an ICYMI and all-around informative site but we try to stay unbiased when it comes to political affiliations, even if we occasionally fail. This time, we may fail. What is going on in the world is an abomination and the fact that our President is coming out, almost condoning the behavior of white supremacists and neo-Nazis is absolutely unconscionable.

He held a press conference where most of his information was completely uninformed and he proved that he has no clue as to what is really going on outside of his Twitter bubble. What he thinks he knows versus what we really know are complete opposites and CNN's Don Lemon was appalled at the state of the world today and more importantly, the man whom is in power.  President Trump has mocked those with special needs, demeaned women, attempted to defame the character of the press, promoted racism/sexism, he is anti-Semitic, and he is a despicable human being. 

That being said, even bad press is good press to him so he does not care. Rally at Trump Towers and he thinks you are having a party for him. We need to stop. Stop tweeting. Stop saying #FuckTrump. Stop saying Not My President. Stop giving him the press that he wants because this is feeding his ego. He is a petulant child and will not stop until he has blocked every person who does not agree with him.

Yes, our forefathers had slaves but that was hundreds of years ago and we are an evolved least I thought we were. You may be extremely angered by the events that are occurring right now but think about who you voted for. Think about why you did not vote for the other party. Think why you did not vote at all. Seems pretty trivial when we are headed towards a mass world hurricane that we may not be able to get out safely. 

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