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Season 10 of "The Real Housewives of New York City" is beyond underway and it is one of the best yet. In case you've missed any of the drama and excitement, here is a quick-cap, mixed with a bit of snark. Let's do this in a New York minute!

  • Bethenny is all about helping Puerto Rico which is great; anything we can do to help, I fully support. However, there are times where she can be a little bit of a braggart about what she is doing as if we should bow down. I respect it, I appreciate it but I would love it so much more if she would just do it and shut up. She and Carole have a serious divide in their friendship and it seems to be that way with B and most of the women. She brought Dorinda to PR with her but it was almost a $hitshow before they went on the trip and later was even more dramatic when B stomped into the Berkshires weekend and demanded they find a specific giant Nutcracker for Bryn's Christmas present. Dorinda delivered but B did not give her the thanks she deserved. To add to that, B cannot seem to make amends with Ramona. But, she and Sonja have become besties somehow so that is quite...odd. 
  • Sonja started the season without her lover, Frenchie and back with Rocco, revealing she had been off the grid due to antidepressants and self-love time. She made time to talk smack about Tinsley, claiming Tins' boyfriend, Scott paid for everything, insult Dorinda and basically get on everybody's nerves. She did makeup with Tinsley and was a guest at Tins' hotel suite where she was treated like a queen...even though she did not deserve it.  
  •  Tinsley and Scott broke up due to distance but Tinsley is living the life in a hotel with her pup and has become super close to Carole. She has let Sonja have it after she learned that she was talking badly about her behind her back and then welcomed her in when her home was being renovated. She and Scott reunited leading Tins and mom, Dale to go try on wedding dresses as well as look at Tins' frozen eggs. She is super hopeful and in love but charitable, donating 10K to Bethenny's charity, which was super sweet. Unlike Ramona who could only fork up 3K.
  • Ramona started the season at Dorinda's Halloween party dressed as Britney Spears in her "Oops...I Did It Again" video with the tight red latex, full on camel toe and tummy sticking out. She started crap with Bethenny about where B bought property in the Hamptons the B snapped back over Ramona's new skincare line. Quite frankly, Ramona thinks she is the best 61-year-old to ever walk the face of the earth and she clearly has never seen Goldie Hawn. She attempted to throw Carole a marathon party but it was really just a dinner party for her own friends because that is just Ramona. Unfortunately, Ramona is in a ton of hot water right now after Luann discovered she not only tried to get invited to Tom's New Year's party but has been having drinks with him, as well.
  • Luann has not had the best season because she not only went through a divorce from her husband of 7 months, Tom but also ended up in jail and rehab. At first, Lu seemingly deserved what she got after not heeding the warnings from her friends about Tom and his wandering eye, him cheating a week after they got engaged and him sleeping with Sonja and dating Ramona. She also shoved her "happy life" in everyone's face but then humbled quite a bit after getting arrested after Christmas and going to rehab. She's very zen and it seems like her life may go up from here as long as she stays on the straight and narrow. 
  • Dorinda is still with John but she reminisces a lot about her late husband, Richard. She threw an epic party for Halloween where she was Lady Gaga and was so drunk but so hilarious. She does not keep her mouth shut and even when she is mean, she is hilarious. She ensured Tinsley spoke up to Sonja when she was talking behind her back. Bethenny confronted her about her drinking and though she does need to slow down, she has a lot of demons that she needs to exorcise within. She fought with Sonja about the difference between the death of a husband and a divorce and is trying to be everyone's friend while being the town gossip. But you love her.  
  • Carole and Adam are on a break but they still hang out and have sex. She ran the New York City marathon and Tinsley was the only one who was there to support her. They have remained very close, no more her and Bethenny because B wants Carole to be someone she is not. She is now super blonde and just trying to unleash her inner Carrie Bradshaw but is it going to work? 
 And there you have it; you are completely caught up. The RHONY returns next Wednesday, July 11th at 9pm. 

"Say it. Forget it. Write it. Regret it." Dorinda's wise words. 

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