Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Floribama Shore" Quick-Cap- ICYMI

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Calling all "Floribama Shore" fans...okay, I'll wait as I know many of you won't admit your addiction to this trash tv and that is perfectly okay. We all have our secret addictions and just in case you happened to have missed the latest episode of one of my guiltiest pleasures, Three Ice Cubes has got you covered!

Kortni was starting to feel off in her nether regions so she caller her gyno to make an appointment. The first question they asked the chronic urinater was if she was preggers. She did not know so she immediately hung up and asked Nilsa for a pregnancy test, because ya know, in the PCB house, anything could be laying around-probably a few STD's- we just don't know. After peeing on the stick, a faint line came up showing that Kortni may in fact be withchild so she phoned back the doctor but they could not see her for a few days so she would just have to stay in limbo. She and Nilsa said they'd keep in just between each other but that was not going to last.

Aimee had not been feeling well but fortunately, there was urgent care for that so Kortni, feeling bad for probably getting her roomie sick to begin with, called a cab and escorted her to the doctor. My question: why didn't she just ask the walk-in to give her a pee test when she was waiting for Aimee? Turns out Aimee had bronchitis so to avoid getting everyone else sick, they got her a small cottage and she was quarantined for a short time...and the rest of the episode. We missed you, Aimee!

Throughout the show, we learned Kortni once had a miscarriage and had decided if she ever did get pregnant again, she would limit her stress to avoid the same situation. That was very hard when she and boyfriend, Logan were not getting along. She had learned he was a liar and did not like the fact that he was always getting hammered. Pot calling the kettle black much? On a mission not to drink, she tried to avoid him at all costs but he kept popping up everywhere they went and even showed up at the house while she was taking another pregnancy test. He wanted to talk but she wasn't having it so he stormed out but was still creepily lingering outside. At the same time, she was getting stomach cramps, Nilsa was hitting on Gus and where was Aimee? 

Next week, Kortni and her mom try to figure out how she can raise a child and get rid of Logan for good! "Floribama Shore" airs Monday nights at 10p.m. on MTV

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