Thursday, August 30, 2018

Mandi's Thoughts on RHONY Reunion Part 2

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No reason to hold back here at Three Ice Cubes because that is no fun and let's face it; on reality TV, no one holds back their feelings, hence why it has become one of the biggest guilty pleasures to take the world by storm. Part one of the RHONY Reunion was full of "she said/she said" but it was so delicious, of course we were bursting at the seams for part two. Sadly, it was a snooze fest until Bethenny (HBIC) and Carole finally went at it and Carole told host, Andy Cohen, what was up!

Bethenny has been pretty much controlling this reunion and Andy had by no means stepped back. He has let her have the floor and even when she was wrong or condescending or it was someone else's turn to speak, he seemingly did not care. I believe that is what fueled even more anger from the ladies, primarily Dorinda, Carole, and Ramona. They just wanted to be heard but Andy made sure that would not happen. For the first part of the second part of the reunion, the focus was on what Dorinda was doing to overcome her "drinking problem." As they say on "Mom," alcoholism is a self-diagnosed diseased and Dorinda was very honest about being depressed during this past season. She also made it clear that all of the women drink and are not Saints so the biggest trigger was Luann trying to school Dorinda in Colombia right after she had left rehab and to add insult to injury, Lu is back in rehab. 

It seemed that Bethenny knew all. She knew why Luann drank, she had tried to help her get a lawyer (her now late boyfriend, Dennis) and she seemed to want to say that she knew it all. It was the Bethenny show and finally, we got to see Carole stand up with the texts she had and attempt to set Bethenny straight but with Andy's bias towards B, he did not seem to care. So, Carole said what we all wanted to say: "you're so full of shit, Andy." Yayyyy Carole. It was like when Aviva threw her prosthetic leg! And it will continue onto next week when the reunion concludes on Wednesday a 8p.m. on Bravo. 

Other things we learned: Sonja says nothing because she is so up Bethenny's ass; Tinsley and Scott see other people when they have their breaks but plan on getting engaged and that is that! What did everyone else think of the reunion? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @3icecubes!

*Word has it that the B will officially be back for season 11. No thanks!

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