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Mandi's Thoughts on...The RHONY Reunion, Part 1!

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We here at Three Ice Cubes never hold back and this is especially true for me, Mandi, the brainchild behind the site. I believe in being honest, fun, entertaining but staying true and after part one of the RHONY Reunion, which aired last night on Bravo, I have so much to say. If you followed @3icecubes on Twitter during the episode, you saw that we just went for it and that is how it should be when it comes to some of these ladies. As aforementioned, there was a question of how far fans were willing to push the limits in regards to Bethenny Frankel since her longtime love, Dennis Shields, recently passed away from a drug overdose. 

The question became "should we kick her when she is already down, even if she has done the same to others?" The answer is a firm "yes" because this reunion was filmed on July 17th while Shields passed away in August. Meanwhile, the bulk of the actual season was filmed from October of 2017 through early to mid-2018 so her actions do not correlate to what was to happen post-filming. Yes, we know she has had a long battle with ex-husband, Jason Hoppy but her general demeanor is nothing short of cruel. So, here are my thoughts on part one of the reunion and I am so excited to hear what you all thought, as well!

  • Bethenny: we all know that I think Bethenny has just gotten worse over time. I used to love how she was in her late-30's and that was when she reached her success, found a husband and had a child. It was an inspiration to me and I also loved her passion and dedication but soon, that became cruelty and even when we said the nicest, most empowering things about her, she blocked us on Twitter. Last night, she had to have the first, second and last word about everything. She was up Andy Cohen's ass and vice versa and called everyone out for the exact same things she has been guilty of all along. There is a reason why her friendships die and it has more to do with her than she is probably willing to admit or even recognize. She did talk about her rekindled friendship with Jill Zarin and the women felt it being on tv and at a funeral was opportunistic but, as Andy explained, Bravo asked to film for the chance to get a moment like that so everyone had to be quiet. This was a moment Andy had been waiting for since the friendship fell apart in season 3 so...
  • Ramona: unable to really get a word in, she just jumped whenever she could so it felt like the reunion was narrated by Ramona. At times, it seemed like she was so desperate for Bethenny's validation and at this point, who cares? I really wanted someone to haul off and hit B but then I remembered this was not "Jersey Shore" so I settled down. Still do not like the crazy faces Ramona makes but at this point, she is just a cartoon character to me. 
  • Sonja: what a little puppy dog. After the crazy stuff Bethenny said to her when she decided to do TipsyGirl, now she's all Team B and "yes ma'aming" her to death, it was disgusting. Any time anyone said one ill word about Bethenny, it was Sonja to the rescue. She had to QVC her fashion line, the one B mocked time after time and it's just so pathetic how this is the person she is now clinging on to. I'd almost rather her be a psycho spaz crazy woman with Ramona again. 
  • Carole: knowing that she's leaving, it's hard to really care what she has to say but I really just want her to make a perfect list of what a bitch Bethenny was and throw it at her...if Andy lets her speak. Funny, Andy was the one who recruited Carole after meeting her at a dinner party at Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa's house. 
  • Dorinda: I love the fact that we can replay every single moment of footage because Nutcracker-gate came up again and how Bethenny was not gracious when Dorinda was able to find the last one in the country for Bryn. Though B claimed she was ever so thankful, we all saw how she could care less that her friend made this magic happen and the same went for Luann who could give a crap when Dorinda hooked her up with all of those Jovani ensembles for her Cabaret show. It was hard to talk about Dorinda's drinking because they all have their moments but what was harder was when Dorinda confessed she had been going through a depression last year, especially during her Puerto Rico mission trip with Bethenny, and when B heard this last night, she rolled her eyes. My reaction: not nice. And now in hindsight of recent events, really not nice. You do not mock someone who confesses to depression especially when you are unwell and a person very close to you is suffering silently. 
  • Tinsley: she will have her moment next week when she talks about boyfriend, Scott dating other people when they are on a break and I will not be happy!
  • Luann: she's in rehab so she could not attend but it was kind of interesting watching her say, after her first stint, how Dorinda needed it when all along, it was her. It was Tom all over again but with rehab.
Overall, the women tried to say what they needed to but all Andy seemed to care about was Bethenny's side of the story and I am frankly tired of hearing her talk. It is time she gets backed into a wall and hearing Carole call her a bitch was amazing. Part 2...bring it on! Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @3icecubes!

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