Thursday, September 6, 2018

Mandi's Thoughts on RHONY Reunion Part 3!

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The RHONY season 10 reunion has come to an end and last night we saw part three, which still had so much Bethenny versus Carole insanity. In case you missed it, here are Mandi's thoughts on the reunion, nothing held back!

The fact that Bethenny keeps insisting Carole has no career shows how delusional she really is. Their careers are very different, yes but Carole has had a very intellectual and structured career whereas B just keeps jumping into random Skinnygirl endeavors that I never see in stores. She slaps her brand on everything and it's frankly annoying. The name is annoying and she is annoying. We finally heard from Sonja who made zero sense. Something about anti-depressants making her mean and leaving her without a filter. She was just a bitter old hag for a lot of the season and jealous of the fortunes and happiness Tinsley had who admitted she wished she had gone harder on her once super close friend. 

Though I was very pro-Carole telling off Bethenny, I do not appreciate her "whatever" attitude. When asked about her friendship and closeness with Tinsley, she acted like they had a very vanilla friendship. I feel, again, like she is somewhat jealous of Tinsley's youth and zest for life. She's just a fun person and Carole is stuck in her own hippocampus or whatever word she used last night. Ramona was mocked endlessly online for a wonky eye she had or has always had- very Kathie Lee Gifford. Bethenny gave some bs apology to Dorinda about calling her a drunk. I did not believe it and I am, in so many ways, happy to see this season end. But, not happy to hear B is coming back next season. Uggghhh. This reunion was a whole lot of B loving herself, Andy loving on her, and too much talking over one another and nothing getting resolved. Put a fork in me; I'm done. 

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