Thursday, September 27, 2018

RHOC Quick-Cap: ICYMI!

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We are kind of at a mid-point for "RHOC" so let's do a quick-cap, in case you have missed a single moment. This season, the 13th, has been an epic snoozefest but it has had its moments so here it is, all wrapped in a neat little box.

  • Vicki: Now that she is friends with Tamra and Shannon again, she thinks she is so cool but one person holding her coolness (not that she ever had any) back is lame boyfriend, Steve. He does not want her to do anything remotely exciting and she can't whoop it up, even in Mexico. On top of that, she and Steve, who she is desperate to marry, set Kelly's ex-husband up with one of their friends then went on double dates with the new couple. Girl code just escapes her because she does not think she did anything wrong. She feels completely comfortable giving advice yet she is one of the biggest looney toons in all of the OC. Oh and we cannot forget the birthday party Steve and Vicki's son threw for her that made her feel so popular!
  • Tamra: Now friends with Vicki, she's an obnoxious wench and gossip, always stirring the pot. She was fun in Mexico, a girl's trip organized by Shannon. She had to be since Vicki was a dud but she had to compensate so much, she ended up breaking her foot. She is dealing with Eddie's heart problems, which has been really tough but she is still searching for Jesus and is not convinced that Vicki loves Steve at all. At least she is right about something.
  • Shannon: The divorcing yo-yo dieter has launched her own food line for QVC but she is wrestling with the fact that estranged hubby, David, has moved on and is still friends with Tamra's hubby, Eddie. She did arrange the fun Mexico trip for her, Vicki and Tamra but she is always yelling or crying or eating but did just go on a blind date with a divorced man who likes to cry. She has a lot of anger and thinks her advice is warranted but really, it's not because she's an angry woman going through a divorce. 
  • Kelly: She has a sharp tongue but she's good friends with Shannon now but her friendship with Vicki has soured since Vicki and Steve played matchmaker for ex-husband, Michael. Then, Steve talked to Page Six about Kelly but chose to act like he was a saint. Upon being confronted, he just looked like a bafoon and Kelly just lashed out. She has a short fuse but she is now learning how to be the bigger person as she raises daughter, Jolie. She's trying but maybe a few more anger classes.
  • Gina: Newcomer from Long Island is a 33-year-old spitfire with three young kids and an always-away-at-work husband, Matt. She tries so hard and some women love her honesty but she can rub others the wrong way. Maybe it's her youth or her fun sass. She recently admitted she and Matt are getting a divorce, something that came out in the press a while back. She says that it's easy and there are no hard feelings but the bitter hags want her to be angry because that was their experience. She is not like them. She is not OC. She's fun, she's loud, she's cool, she's not materialistic- why is she on this show?
  • Emily: The breadwinner as wimpy, troublemaking husband, Shane has yet to pass the bar. She told Kelly she would kill her after Kelly called Shane a little bitch when he tried to stick his nose where it did not belong and she took too long to comfort Gina when the other ladies made her bestie cry. A newbie who we should say good-bye to ASAP.  And there you have it; the RHOC in a nutshell. Coming up, the women take a trip and anything can and will happen!

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