Monday, September 10, 2018

Rusty Gear to Debut 'Wondering Why' Music Video on Vevo!

When Rusty Gear released his debut EP, Happy Ending, it was anybody's guess where his catchy hooks and southern charm would take him. A tight band, passion for fishing, and the only thing left you can say to a woman without offending her, Dibba Dibba helped to make up a fun foray into trucker-country. The lead single, Jake Brakes, featured a female hook within the chorus leaving you randomly blurting out "Jake Jake Jake, put on your brakes, brakes, brakes..." Accompanied by legal cover hits from the likes of Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones, Happy Ending has allowed Rusty Gear to move into one of the most beautiful ballads on 2018, the perfect wedding song, in Three Ice Cubes' opinion. 

With Wondering Why, a collaboration with Lydia Miller, such powerful lyrics, heartbreak, and crazy love exude through the female voice. It is absolutely thrilling to have watched the evolution of Rusty and now, it's getting even better as we are learning that the video for Wondering Why will debut on Vevo this week. The moment that it is posted, we will be sure to have the link but until then, keep up with all things Rusty via Instagram @rustygearmusic and Facebook @RustyGearMusic. You can also check out his website, while finding all of his music on Apple Music, CD Baby, iTunes, and Spotify. Get excited because this is a ride you will not want to miss! #threeicecubesapproved.

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