Thursday, October 25, 2018

ICYMI: The Girls Trip to Jamaica on RHOC Quick-Cap!

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So much has been going on in the world that it is easy to forget about the RHOC. That and this season has been somewhat of a snoozefest, just saying. But, some of the best times, for any season of any franchise, are the vacations. Well, with the exception of going to Iceland last year (was it last year when we had Peggy and brought back Lydia) on RHOC because that trip sucked! For the season 13 trip, it was time to spice things up as Shannon had just experienced an epic sales debut on QVC with her food line so why not head to Jamaica? There were many questions: would fun Vicki finally come out? Would Gina and Emily get some respect from Shannon? How many times would Vicki scream "whoop it up" before she gets locked up? Well, ICYMI, here are some of the highlights from the first two parts of the Jamaica trip...and we still have more to come. As I am writing this, the cast is actually filming the reunion so let's see what gossip we can get from that! 

  • There were two suites and Shannon was not even willing to get to know Gina and Emily, even throwing Kelly to the dogs by claiming Tamra and Vicki (the tres amigas) as her roomies. The room was so hot, they spent the rest of the time complaining, something Shannon has become a pro at.
  • Shannon's rental was sold while at dinner, leaving her devastated despite the fact the agent would honor her full lease. Her $13K/month house is now gone and she claimed she was upset for her kids. Then don't keep getting rentals, Shannon. To add to her self-absorption, as Gina was talking about things going on in her life, Shannon was busy texting away and Vicki proceeded to overheat which made for some great memes. 
  • The following day, Tamra admitted to Gina and Emily she is only really friends with Shannon because she feels bad for her and Gina coined her "Sour Shannon" as opposed to Debbie Downer. Tamra also shared Shannon is very self-involved and only cares about her problems, never asking about how Eddie is. Eddie has A-Fib, in case you were out of the loop but ya know, Shannon's gained weight and is going through a divorce so...
  • Shannon tried to defend her friendship with the gals at dinner and it failed. 
  • She wanted time alone but that failed too.
  • They all think she needs an anti-depressant to handle her stress because she calls Kelly and Tamra 24/7 as well as drinks and cries herself to sleep but she just wants to yell and think no one is there for her. The girls tried very hard and Vicki even confessed she was on meds after her divorce from Donn. Clearly, that is what clouded her judgment with Brooks. 
  • They got another suite with AC but Shannon would not leave and she turned off her phone so no one could reach her and missed bobsledding but is still in Jamaica. The ladies do not want to make the trip all about her but Shannon is ensuring they cannot escape her even if she is not there.
  • Vicki may have gotten a Brazilian butt lift. Did I miss anything? 

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