Monday, October 29, 2018

Mandi's "Halloween" Review: Should You See It?

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"Halloween" has been out a little over a week now and I was lucky enough to see it opening weekend, having purchased tickets in advance. I always say I am going to see this horror film and that horror film but it just never happens. I stayed pretty faithful to the "SAW" franchise, having seen "Jigsaw" last year but slacked a lot because I am not a big movie goer. With "Halloween," it seemed inevitable I would have to join in on the craze because my favorite horror film of all-time is "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and I am admittedly very picky about my scary movie choices. I grew up with "Child's Play" and was a teen with the "Scream" series so I have had the best of both worlds. "Halloween" set the bar like TCM so again, very high expectations. I did see "Halloween: H20" and was terrified to see it but made it through and laughed at how scared I was. I did not know how this film would fit in but my best friend, Cassie and I were ready for anything. She kept asking if I thought it would be scary and then she asked if people would mind if she laughed the whole time. I was just scared of the Michael Myers mask jumping out at me. Here's my take! SPOILERS AHEAD!

This is a direct sequel to the original 1978 film. All of the others that followed, including H20, do not matter. So, the 20 minutes I spent trying to remember what Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) did in that film and if she had kids and all that jazz, were wasted. She has been traumatized by the events of Halloween 1978 and that has led to two failed marriages and losing her daughter when she was just twelve. She has some semblance of a relationship with her and her granddaughter but she has spent most of her adult life building a safe house for when Michael is released so she can finally have her time with him. She does get that, as predicted and I must say, Jamie Lee Curtis is the Oprah of horror films; kicking ass and taking names. She dominated as a strong woman and that is what we need. Should she have given up her life for Myers? No. But, when the time was right, it all fell into place. 

However, when Myers was free, there were way too many pointless killings that it became obnoxious. It became childish and not what I would have expected from this franchise at all. Was it entertaining? Yes. Was it worth it for people who grew up with these films and really like a true horror film? Absolutely. Will I think teeny boppers and teenagers who just want gore and blood will care for it? Nah. Not enough CGI. There will definitely be more so get ready for the next Strode/Myers showdown! Cassie and I will be ready and yes, she laughed the entire time and I kept asking why the characters were so stupid and if they had learned nothing from all of the films throughout the years! We are here all week!

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