Thursday, February 28, 2019

Rob Thomas Makes Waves With New Single- 4th Solo Album on the Way!

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It has been roughly a year since Rob Thomas let fans know new music was on the horizon and gave everyone a glimpse inside of the studio. It seemed fast-paced and exciting; whatever it was, we were ready for the ride. Fast forward to early February and a countdown began via Rob's Instagram story, leading to 2/20 when, at midnight, both the lead single and video from his fourth solo album, would be released. "One Less Day (Dying Young)" off of 'Chip Tooth Smile' came right at 12am on the 20th and this is the anthem for all of those who grew up listening to Rob as both the front man for Matchbox Twenty but also as a solo artist. It was always said that only the good die young and while this may be a very true statement, it can be a struggle not only getting older but constantly watching peers around us vanish in the blink of an eye. It started in high school and now, we are in our 30's, 40's, and beyond; it never stops and it never gets easier. 

What Thomas, now 47, is saying with his new single, is we are among the lucky the older we get. Though it may be hard watching the years pass by and not being technically "young," we are not missing out on life and so many experiences peers and family so sadly never go to partake in. Dying old may be the best blessing of all. Just because we are an age we do not like, we do not have to feel it or look it or even act it. Youth is in the eye of the beholder and Rob has taken us to a youthful church by saying it is okay to get old and not die young. Tell your story and be proud. His album is available for pre-sale and will be released on the 26th of April while tickets for his tour go on sale tomorrow, March 1st! Definitely check it out at 


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