Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Why We Are Team Melissa Gorga!

photo courtesy of Cessie Cerrato

This trip to Cabo on "RHONJ" has been the least relaxing trip we have ever taken (thank you, Danielle and Jennifer). What was Teresa thinking when she invited Danielle? What the hell is wrong with her? They have some nice words, she's a matron of dishonor in Danielle's sham wedding and suddenly they are blood sisters? C'mon now. Danielle is nothing but trash and do not get us started on her husband who almost started a brawl at Tre's daughter, Milania's big showcase all because he thinks his wife is better than Margaret. Some like plastic, other like flesh. In any case, Melissa Gorga has always been a strong woman. She knew husband, Joe wanted a traditional Italian stay-at-home wife but she wanted a boutique and a career so she went and got it and she is happy. He can still have his old school tantrums but he loves her so he will let her go her own way. Now, she is really finding her voice with the ladies and she is not afraid to let that Jersey girl out. 

When Jennifer tried to defend her drinking in Cabo after she outright insulted the necklace the ladies (including herself) bought Teresa because it was not from her brother's jewelry store, Melissa put her foot down. She let the newbie know alcohol does not let her speak the truth but rather say stupid things. And she was a straight up brat. She also has not broken her alliance with Margaret or Jackie just to make Teresa happy even after Jackie made the comment to Tre that if a woman could control her man, Joe would not be in jail. It was a fair comment, let's be honest. And finally, after Margaret threw the glass of wine on Danielle and she retaliated, Melissa did not care if it was Danielle or Jennifer; she was done with the petty drama. She has a great family, a great personality, she is fun and sassy and this is probably what kills Teresa the most. It's sad because they had such beautiful accommodations, too! What team are you? Let us know!

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