Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Three Ice Cubes Predictions For the Season 8 Finale of 'Married At First Sight'!

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Tonight marks decision day for the season eight couples of 'Married At First Sight' and after watching this tumultuous cast, it is anybody's guess what will happen. The experts truly should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to these eight people but they did create entertaining television so, for viewers, it was worth it. For those directly involved, maybe not so much. Here is what we think will happen when the couples have to make their big decisions as to whether they will stay married or get a divorce (or sue the experts, which would be my avenue of choice):

-Will and Jasmine: When they first got onto the show, there was a lot of hope and promise. Then, Jasmine pulled out her version of "gender roles" and Will did not want to be intimate with her, she continued to be super annoying so, in the end, we think...Jasmine will want to stay married and Will will want a divorce.

-Stephanie and AJ: They loved each other from the jump and were quick to be intimate but he had some anger problems his wife tried to overlook but were not easy to ignore. It seems they may break this marriage unless AJ is willing to get some therapy. We think AJ will want to stay married as will Stephanie.

-Kristine and Keith: Chemistry from the start but they are very different, this has been the most hopeful couple. But, as decision day looms, Kristine seems to have some doubts about spending forever with Keith. If she does not, she is losing someone who truly adores her and this would be very sad. We believe Keith will want to stay married as will Kristine.

-Luke and Kate: Luke has been absolutely horrid to Kate from the beginning and we felt bad for Kate until we realized she seemingly has liked the abuse. She could have left; he told her kissing her made him feel repulsed and dead inside and accused her of being an alcoholic but she stayed. The biggest shocker came on the final mini-moon when she confessed to Jasmine and Dr. Pepper that she and Luke had been having sex since the honeymoon but he gets distant right after and leaves the room, wanting to keep this a secret from everyone. Now, he is saying all these sweet things to Kate to almost mess with her head because, we believe, he does not want to admit defeat in this game of marriage and is only playing Kate. Our verdict: they will both say they want to stay married and it is just a sad story for both of them.

What do you think? The finale airs at 9pm on Lifetime so come back tonight when we have the decisions. And do not forget to live tweet with us @3icecubes!

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