Monday, April 29, 2019

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger's Kids Should Be Ashamed of Themselves!

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As Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter, Katherine prepares to marry uber successful, Chris Pratt, we cannot help but wonder who will be on the guest list. Clearly, mom, Maria, brothers, Patrick and Christopher, sister, Christina, and dad, Arnold will make the cut but one person who will most likely not get to choose chicken or fish is half-brother, Joe Baena. The 21-year-old, who just celebrated his Pepperdine University graduation with his lookalike father by his side, has no relationship with his siblings as he was the product of an affair with the housekeeper. How is this Joe's fault? It is not? Should he be deprived of a family? No, he should not. But, Arnold's other kids seem so scorned over the affair, they are willing to forgive their dad but take it out on their brother. Pratt and his future wife are supposed to be heavy Christians so the hope is maybe they can find it in their hearts, prior to the wedding, to all come together and unite Joe into the family. If that cannot happen, the respect level for Chris Pratt, at least on our behalf, will drop dramatically. Get to know this "boy" as a person, see what he is about, and then decide if you want to hate him. It is not like he is taking over the whole 400 million dollar family fortune. Thoughts?

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