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Why It Looks Like Gypsy Rose Blanchard Can't Trust Anyone!

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When Gypsy Rose Blanchard was sentence to 10 years in prison in July 2015 for the murder of her mother, Dee Dee, it seemed like she would have a second chance at rebuilding the life she had seemingly lost. For most of her years, she was a victim of Munchausen by proxy, believing she had every ailment under the sun and never knowing her real age (she was in her 20s though she believed she was a teen). Her mother spent years convincing the medical community, fans, friends, support groups, and even Gypsy's father, Rod, that Gypsy was mentally challenged and was not capable of doing things on her own, including walking. Though both mother and daughter knew this last part was untrue, it came to a point where Gypsy felt the only way out of her situation was to completely erase her mom. 

Swayed by fantasies and heroes in fairy tales, she met Nick Godejohn on a Christian dating website and he shared he had multiple personalities, though undiagnosed. One of them, Victor, liked to kill so she called upon him to do the deed. Gypsy was not completely innocent in it all as she bought the murder weapon and accessories and when questioned by police about her involvement in the murder, she can be seen in denial and even acting like she is shocked by the news of her mother's murder (check out the HBO documentary ('Mommy Dead and Dearest'). At the end of said documentary, you can see Gypsy having a sit down with her father, Rod and his wife, Kristy. They are focal points of the show, talking about the past and what could have been done and what they hope they can do in the future. There has even been an attempt by her dad, who paid his child support long past her 18th birthday despite Dee Dee claiming he was a deadbeat, to get his daughter's sentence reduced. But, it appears stepmommy's intentions may not be completely pure. Recently, it was revealed Kristy was developing a series called 'By Proxy,' along with Franchesca Macelli.This is the first read flag- she is attempting to make money off of her stepdaughter's suffering when she should just stay in the background. She then went onto speak with Vulture and it came up how she and Rod were in the HBO documentary but have not been involved with Hulu's mega hit eight-part series, 'The Act,' which is based on the events of Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee. 

Though they were interviewed by the same person involved in both the HBO special and 'The Act' and were promised a cut, this has been the opposite of what they experienced. Okay, that is not completely fair, if this is the truth but one has to ask themselves: is Kristy breaking any rules by launching her own competitive series? Too many cooks in the kitchen? Is she bitter because her series keeps getting stalled and 'The Act' has received such critical acclaim for the acting (Patricia Arquette, Joey King, Calum Worthy) and storyline? These are legitimate questions. But, here is what really burns our bottoms. She points out inaccuracies of a miniseries that specifically says it is based on a true story but events have been fictionalized. She says the portrayal of neighbor, Aleah or Lacey, as she is known on the show, is exaggerated in some scenes and there is even talk of Gypsy taking legal action. Our take: no matter what did or did not happen, every character comes off the way they absolutely should in the series!

-Gypsy: you feel bad for her from the jump and realize the biggest mistake she made was not contacting her dad. Even if she thought he was a bad guy, it would not have hurt to at least attempt to talk to him. Additionally, it is believed if she went to the police, they would have believed she was incompetent but she could walk and that's probably enough proof anyone needs to know she was a victim. She looks like the victim; she looks like she needs more deprogramming and less prison and for that, she and her family should shut their traps and say "thank you."
-Aleah/Lacey: she looks like the nicest, most warm and considerate teenager out there so she needs to disregard some of the "rougher" scenes and be happy they chose someone as talented as AnnaSophia Robb to play her. 
-Dee Dee: she looks balls to the walls insane and we see she got it from her mama and it kept trickling down. Should she have died? No. 
-Nick: he looks like someone who really needed help and Gypsy was able to find his twisted side. They were both very vulnerable and found ways to work with each other. He said what she needed to hear and vice versa. He, too, needs a lot of mental help for what he did and maybe had he not wanted to rape Dee Dee, things would have gone a little different but probably not. 

Maybe Rod should reign his wife in and focus on getting some help for the guilt he should inevitably feel for being duped by his ex-wife and less on how Kristy can get her show made. Episode seven of 'The Act' came out today so this means there is just one more left, which will air next Wednesday! Oh, and by the way, Gypsy is apparently engaged to her pen pal so there's that. 


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