Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Cameron Boyce Cremated!

photo courtesy of pinterest.com

Though he passed away on July 6th of a seizure, we now know Cameron Boyce has been officially cremated. It's just a four days shy of the two week mark since he left this world. All who knew him are still grieving and that includes his various co-stars, whom have not had one sour thing to say about Boyce, 20. It took until this past weekend for his 'Descendants' co-star, Sofia Carson, to speak out, sharing she did not know how to live in a world without Boyce in it. The 'Descendants 3' red carpet premiere was canceled and instead, Disney chose to give a donate to one of Boyce's favorite charities, the Thirst Project, though we believe he would have wanted the show to go on. As of yesterday, his family launched the Cameron Boyce Foundation, to which his father, Victor, tweeted: "Let's not talk about it, let's BE it! Let's do good as Cameron would. Let's keep his legacy alive!" He is definitely one to be emulated and idolized but he would just want everyone to do their best in their everyday lives. That would be Cameron Boyce.

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