Monday, August 12, 2019

Kittens Need Good Homes and Lots of Love!

We here at Three Ice Cubes are huge animal advocates, having spent years rescuing kittens and puppies in need. So, whenever we meet (honorable) rescuers who do not have the same reach as an ASPCA or a PAWS, we will do whatever we can to help. Recently, we met Linda and Barb, who tirelessly rescue and care for, what Rob Thomas would call "little wonders" and now, two new babies are ready to flee the nest. Meet Oreo and Ella, the most delightful kittens you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Mandi spent time with both of them last week and was instantly smitten. She reached down to pick up Oreo  (black and white, with a tad of a black mustache, adding to her sparkle) and she immediately jumped into her arms, just a warm, happy, positive spirit. 

The same went for Ella, who was just as delightful and friendly. Two other cats were in the home and the all played well together, which is a huge plus. If Mandi did not already have her own kitties at home, Oreo would have been hers in a New York minute! Both kittens are spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated so they are ready and raring to go. Share the good word so amazingly loving homes are found ASAP to make room for the next round of kittens in need. An btw, the desired candidate(s) are non-smokers so please find it in your heart to adopt not shop and follow this link:…/stamford/animals-r-family-ct472/

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