Monday, August 19, 2019

The Hot Mess That Is 'Married At First Sight' Season 9!

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Last season, fans of 'Married At First Sight' were screaming at the television for Kate to break up with Luke. He was cruel and manipulative and we were tired of her whining and crap. By the end, we wanted them both to get therapy. Now, we are onto the new season and to say the men have outdone Luke is huge but true. We will put aside Greg and Keith, who are just genuinely loving guys, at least they seem to be good men with hearts. But then there's Matt and Jamie...experts, my ass. Jamie is paired up with Elizabeth who is eclectic and fiery. Yet, there is something we have grown to just accept about her. She is out of the box and Jamie is so rigid, he is lucky he has someone like her. Sadly, he is so disrespectful. He pokes and prods on her emotions and when he does not get what he wants, he throws around divorce. He is cruel and if he was a child of ours, he would be disowned. When he recently called Elizabeth a materialistic c**t for admiring herself in their wedding photos, is he for real? 

This was her first time seeing them and she was probably still in shock, like "wow, this actually happened!" But, he had to throw around insults like an asshole and that was wrong. He should have been thrown off the show and any girl watching should tread lightly if they consider dating him post-MAFS. Then, there is Matt, the husband who is married to Amber with abandonment issues, yet he has failed to come home twice! Why? He seems to think he needs a break from being married after just a month! A month! We get he spent years traveling for basketball but you're married now! We know you're cheating so stop the lying!! If we had to pick the couple who will last, it will be Greg and Deonna because Keith can do better than Iris and Elizabeth/Amber can do better than their men!

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